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What is 'Say Hello to Black Jack'?

Saitou Eijirou was an 'elite'; a top student from a prestigious Japanese Medical University. But he's trading in his textbooks for tongue depressors, and committing to his new job as intern at the University Hospital. The long stress-filled hours take their toll while his medical ideology strains under the weight of real-world practice. Saito wants to do good, but he's beset by an entrenched and sometimes corrupt medical system. If he wants to save lives, Saito must make compromises. But if he sacrifices his ethical standards to do right, then what kind of doctor is he?
What is a doctor?

Black Jack ni Yoroshiku (also known as 'Give My Regards to Black Jack') received an 'Award of Excellence in Manga' at the 6th Japan Media Arts Festival in 2002. Due to complications with the publisher, Shūhō Satō moved his work into the public domain, giving anyone permission to use his work in any way they see fit. In 2016, the Nerd Fountain crew set out to make an audioplay worthy of Satō's work. Here's to hoping Sensei notices us. ;)

The Cast

Joe Rousseau

Dr. Toshi Kuniya
Joe has little to say about himself, with the exception of liking long walks on the beach and all that jazz…

Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau

Dr. Shiratori Takahisa
• Former Warehouse Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Game Salute. • Founding member of the Session Impressions, Power to the Meeple, and Game Salute podcasts.

John-Michael Gariepy

Director, Editor
• Founding member of the Session Impressions, Power to the Meeple, and Nerd Fountain podcasts.
• Currently reading short stories for Centropic Oracle.
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