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I just sent out information about the audioplay and this website to every anime news site, nerd news site, and audio drama news site I could find.  Also a couple of Japanese news networks that initially posted about Shuho Sato releasing his work, so I contacted them with a ‘follow-up story’.  I also found a copyright news site… people have weird reading habits.  That was two nights worth of work.  Here’s hoping one or two respond.

It’s kind of strange how fast news sites drain out while making a Google search.  You would think that there would be close to fifty or so legitimate places to get news and reviews about upcoming anime.  But, outside of bloggers who maybe post once or twice a month, I’m guessing there’s maybe ten total sites that are regularly updated.  And some of them are there to support their own brand, like Crunchyroll.

That’s not to say there aren’t a lot more that are more difficult to find.  I didn’t find by searching nerd news… they didn’t appear in any of my searches; I just happened to know to go to them.  A lot of these websites don’t make it easy to communicate with them either.  Broken forms were common.  Inappropriate e-mail addresses happened a few times (I guess I’ll talk to your marketing department?)

Ah well… at least that’s done with.  Now time to add SH2BJ to every podcast and audio drama directory on the Internet.

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