November 14, 2016

Needed: Lines for Extras

Say Hello to Black Jack has a lot of roles for extras.  Since the original work was a manga, Shuho Sato didn’t need to put limits on himself when it came to the number of ‘actors’ he could use.  If he wanted to express something without using the main cast, he just drew someone new and gave them a line.

We don’t have that luxury unfortunately.  I need a lot of unique voices, for fifteen episodes worth of lines.  So, time to get crackin’.

If you’re interested, record as many lines as you like, or think are appropriate for your voice, and send them to me via in MP3 format.  If MP3 is not an option for you, send me what you got… I’m sure I can convert it.  This isn’t an audition for anything, by the way.  That’s just the name of the e-mail address.

If I like what you sent me, I’ll use it.  It’s possible that I won’t happen to use anything sent by you.  Please, don’t take it personal.  It probably just means that I had an excess of submissions, and I couldn’t use every actor.

Please, do not effect a Japanese accent.  I know the story takes place in Japan, but no one else is using a Japanese accent, so you would sound horribly out of place.

A word of advice: The more you can alter your voice between lines, the more likely I will use your voice more often.  That said, use good judgement.  If you don’t think something sounds good because you’re trying too hard to make it sound different, then you’re probably right.  Don’t burn yourself out.  Just do a few choice lines you think are ‘you’.

Click on the link below for either the female or male lines.  If you jump back and forth between them, you’ll notice there’s a fair amount of overlap.  [You don’t need to record what’s written in brackets.  Those are directions to better help you.]

Click here to go to the extra lines for women.

Click here to go to the extra lines for men.