September 14, 2017

Female Lines for Extras

These are extra lines for women.  Click here to go back to the audition page.



[These first two lines are yelled by nurses in a modestly busy hospital.]

“Yo, interns!  Add yesterdays results to the fever chart!”

“Dr. Toshi!  The patient’s family is asking for details about his condition!”



[These two lines are just a bit of gossip between patients.]

“Your regular, Dr. Toda.  He didn’t come to work today?”

“Nah.  They said he caught a cold and didn’t want to infect his patients.”



[Patients and nurses greeting a doctor.]

“Good morning doctor.”

“Good morning!”



[This is a taxi driver asking for his fare.]

“That’s 14,000 yen, pal.”


[This bartender is talking above the music.]

“Good evening!  You look like you’re looking for someone.”

[Same bartender.]

“Sure.  He’s the one singing, over there.”



[This is a down-to-business secretary.  She isn’t here to chat.  While this call is over the phone, just speak normally, and I’ll add the phone effects in post.]

“This is the surgical department of Airoku University Hosptial.  Am I talking to Eijiro Saito’s father?  It appears that Dr. Saito has been dismissed from employment.”


[These next two lines are from a couple of anxious children.]

“Was he fired?”

“Did he quit?”


[Again, this is over the phone, but I’ll add the phone in post.  ‘Airoku’ is pronounced ‘Eye-row-koo’.]

No.  Absolutely out of the question.  Airoku is too intimidating.  We could never poach one of their patients.  Sorry, no, and good-bye.


[This is an older woman in a hospital bed.]

“Thank you Dr. Fuji for your wise guidance.  Thank all of you doctors.  I’m blessed to have had such a wonderful surgery team, and humbled that they would come to my bed for a routine visit.”


[I could use some general sounds of struggling here with a patient that needs to physically be put back into bed.  This isn’t a bad nurse, but she’s probably handling this wrong.  ‘Miyamura’ is pronounced ‘Mee-ya-mur-ah’.]

“Mr. Miyamura!  You need to get back in your bed!”

“Please, calm down!  We can talk this over Mr. Miyamura!”


[I need some general murmuring from patients here.  Something dramatic is going on in the next room, but no one seems to know what it is.]



[A nurse who poked her head in a door.]

“Doctor?  It’s Mrs. Min.”


[A nurse applying a bandage.]

“And… done.”


[Nurses and Doctors who are honestly surprised and happy to see a doctor they thought would never return to their hospital.]

“Dr. Kita!”

“Hey, it’s Dr. Kita!”


[A skeevy girl with her skeevy boyfriend out in public.  Feel free to ad-lib a couple more lines if you want.  Just keep in mind that these two are supposed to roughly be public nuisances.]

“C’mon!  Cut it out you ass!”


[A young woman at an outdoor restaurant with a group of new friends, some of whom are interns in a hospital.]

“Ooh, ooh!  I got one!  Is it true that doctors are rich?”

[She’s asked a question she doesn’t know the answer to.]


[Same young woman.  Someone in the group is distracted by something they saw on the street.]

“What is it?”


[The caretaker of a well-to-do old man.  She’s obviously upset.  This is over the phone, but again, I’ll add all the phone sounds in post.  ‘Michiba’ is pronounced ‘Mee-chee-bah’.  ‘Toku’ is pronounced ‘Toe-koo’.]

“Dr. Michiba?  It’s Mr. Toku.  His breathing is strange.  He’ll take one labored breath, and then stop completely.”

[Same woman.  Dr. Michiba is now at Mr. Toku’s house, but things have gotten worse.  The doctor is brushing by her while she’s speaking.]

“I… I don’t know what to do!  Please help him doctor!”


[A cashier.  Maybe a little smug.]

“That’ll be 400 yen.”


[Family members at a funeral.  Feel free to ad-lib a little something within this vein.  The key point is that these people are grateful for Dr. Michiba, and all that he’s done.  Again, ‘Michiba’ is pronounced ‘Mee-chee-bah’.]

“Thank you for coming.”

“Oh, Dad was always happy to see you.  He had a funny way of showing it, I know.  But when I was a kid he used to make a point about of smart you are.”

“It’s so good to see you Dr. Michiba.  Are you still running the practice?  Anybody helping you out these days?”

“Dr. Michiba!  I haven’t seen you in years!  I wish I could have been there… I took a flight as soon as I heard.  I’m glad to hear you were there even if I couldn’t be.”